Monday, 4 February 2008

combined sunday and monday because surprisingly enough, i wasn’t at my computer for a whole day.

1. kinson playing with 8PAST again? 😛
2. the merced project – finished timeline for 2008
3. the ny giants won superbowl XLII
4. got to see brandon li at a small get-together
5. transfer to csu stanislaus?
6. froyo
7. chicken bakes
8. freeee chiropractic adjustments
9. aveeno
10. MNG potluck!
11. pasta salad
12. “No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regret” remixed
13. microkorg
14. rice cakes
15. sarah lin, my new drug dealer
16. online vehicle registration
17. talking to stasia about the future of the art world
18. mixtapes
19. learning vietnamese from lisa nguyen
20. demetri martin’s flow chart


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