Sunday, 10 February 2008

wow, haven’t been at my computer for over 24 hours again! so that means we’re in for another 20 today (even though it’s already monday).

1. slept in
2. got all of my errands done
3. new tires for car
4. hung out with darren
5. celebrated my grandma’s 21st (80th) birthday with family
6. meet my cousin’s girlfriend (turns out i went to junior high with her)
7. then having my aunt from japan question my singleness… in a broken english, “what’s wrong with you? aren’t you older than him? are you gay or something?”
8. seeing kinson and sarah
9. nutella and fresh strawberry crepes
10. nizario’s pizza at 2am
11. finding the rice dish that my dad made in his refridgerator then eating it. (read again)
12. playing wii bowling with my sister
13. went to gary’s to play games with everybody
14. finally won a game of bohnanza (after playing for the last 10 years)
15. dae gee bul go gi
16. youtube
17. shark week on discovery channel
18. getting to briefly talk with my dad
19. red envelopes 🙂
20. a very relaxing weekend


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