Wednesday, 20 February 2008

40 things to be thankful for! been away from the compy for 2 days, then yesterday i wasn’t feeling too well, but now it’s back!

1. the cool breeze
2. great talk with sergio
3. thai curry
4. hanging out with ken
5. wii bowling and golf with my sister
6. chinese new year dinner
7. going over to phil and syd’s to chill with them and kinson and sara
8. zyrtec
9. rockband with terrence and the other guys
10. “the cave”
11. working on mixes for LAUNCH
12. the car test
13. haircut from elton
14. talking about SECTS at MNG
15. seeing baby kate for the first time
16. fluocinonide USP, 0.05%
17. taking bets on how long warren can keep his room “clean”
18. vitamin C
19. clean drinking water
20. folding @ home
21. lunch with the doghouse
22. clean bedsheets
23. aimchat with cynthia
24. kickin’ back with ted
25. hashing out some new song ideas for my solo stuff
26. learning how to jump rope with dan
27. working out new schedule to help teach the aacf guitar workshop
28. my dad’s handed-down takamine classical guitar
29. late night snackage
30. getting some good rest
31. kahoo shoyu ramen
32. super puzzle fighter
33. the public
34. hanging out with butch all day
35. blu-ray rebate (free movies!!!)
36. ran into queena during dinner
37. soda candy from mitsuwa
38. george killian’s irish red premium lager
39. standing in the hallway talking with the guys
40. sleeping early


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