Sunday, 2 March 2008

8past 'LAUNCH ep' cover 01
back from davis! was hard to find internet the last couple of days. we’ll go for 30 today.

1. hanging out with jason practically all day
2. woodstock’s pizza
3. 3-32 oz. beers to wash down the awesome pizza
4. jimmy kimmel on youtube
5. bliss lee for letting me nap in his bed
6. the bbq happening downstairs while i slept
7. hanging out with the compass people at their rehearsal
8. nacho party!
9. meeting jon chang’s little brother
10. jenn for taking care of me the whole weekend
11. going to watch the beethoven master class at the mondavi center
12. meeting up with tracy and jason for lunch in sacramento
13. chicken bake
14. “love come down”
15. catherine jeu’s testimony
16. jamming with bliss
17. hanging out afterwards at cyrus’
18. rockband with allen joe and tim chan
19. playing “chinatown” with allen joe
20. catching up with steph eng and catherine
21. still waking up at my usual 8am, even though i went to bed after 4am
22. dr. dre – 2001
23. playing darts with catherine and matthew (international french student), even though i got my ass kicked
24. banana and chocolate chip pancakes with kick-ass omlettes
25. finished first round of mixes for new album
26. a comfortable living room
27. LOST
28. finally got some inspiration to write some music
29. secret of the ooze
30. that i remembered to make my bed before i left, so upon my return, i could just plop down on it
31. another full week ahead


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