Sunday, 9 March 2008

been ill the last few days, not feeling to great, but growing up, i learned that we have to be thankful for the good AND the bad.

1. got to leave work early
2. met up with bernard and yasmine at cinequest
3. watching “the bank job” for free, i wouldn’t recommend paying to see it
4. glory boy days
5. la victoria’s
6. relearning flash
7. chavez supermarket
8. jeremy and kevin’s housewarming party
9. playing with their little cousins
10. junshien made me hot water for my stomach
11. veronica mars
12. a clean yard
13. stupid business tax people pissing me off
14. sleeping in
15. dave king’s mom making me some special soup for being sick
16. not eating for over 24 hours
17. mythbusters james bond special 2
18. lots and lots of water
19. clear urine, which means i’m hydrated and bacteria has passed through my system
20. all of the “get well” wishes


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