Friday, 21 March 2008

our store could potentially be located just to the left of this picture.

i’ve lost all sense of space and time at this point. not sure how much i can update while i’m in hawaii, but i’ll definitely try. we’ll see how much i can remember from the last three days.

1. learning a lot about store layout from michael at taylor freezers
2. knowing the difference between original tart and euro tart
3. relient k – 5 score and 7 years ago
4. chicken bakes
5. 2 cokes that i hid in the back of my dad’s fridge
6. first time playing together with the band in almost a year, since we started recording
7. picking amber up from oakland airport
8. watching my dad buy over $300 of video games for himself at target
9. the best american nonrequired reading
10. tao of jeet kune do
11. getting my glasses refitted so it doesn’t leave a mark on my face from wearing them
12. kirin chinese restaurant
13. playing smash bros brawl with robyn
14. LOST in HD
15. seeing pira on the wheel of fortune
16. sleeping early
17. korean sushi rolls that brings back memories of high school
18. learning how solar panels work and seeing them being installed
19. found a location for our froyo shop in merced
20. almost found a place to live there too
21. got a lot of work done today
22. tortas al pastor
23. good friday
24. finished a couple of strike sheets in a matter of a few minutes, usually takes a couple of days
25. lemonade


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