Wednesday, 28 May 2008

1. playing wii with m sister
2. watching memorial day tournament with my fambam
3. having korean bbq and spending time with my dad
4. freddy’s sandwiches
5. no boss at work this week
6. working with randy jackson, employee of the year
7. catching up with jonas and jessica at 2am
8. pasta that carla made
9. alhambra water cooler in the office
10. chiropractic adjustments
11. radiohead – in rainbows
12. finishing up the tv studio at work
13. movie with jannah
14. sometimes it’s better when it’s quantity over quality
15. dinner with norm and rose
16. getting paid.
17. sleeping in my own bed
18. jamming with the radial remedy
19. kickin it with dr. BA brian lum, phB.
20. matt chiu’s graduation
21. a great weekend
22. remembering what i did this past weekend


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