Sunday, 1 June 2008

1. finished my business proposal for my frozen yogurt shop!
2. seeing flight of the conchords in concert
3. beer with ted
4. free wi-fi at paris baguette
5. strawberry pastry thingie
6. green tea
7. house group discussions
8. dinner that paulette made for us
9. bohnanza
10. finished mixing my new album, ready to be mastered!
11. reviewing function in microsoft word
12. billy teaching me how to automatically set up labels in gmail… AMAZING!!!
14. seeing haven people
15. learning how to play nba 2k8
16. being single
17. listening to myself flop around on the drums with the radial remedy
18. had some time to finally do a load of laundry… 3 more loads to go!
19. 3-ply toilet paper
20. the support of all of my friends and family


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