Wednesday, 14 October 2009

sorry, i was afk all weekend…

1. getting to go home and see my family for the first time since Christmas, i believe
2. sleeping on a couch again
3. freddie’s sandwiches
4. dinner at kirin’s
5. not being too attached to my laptop
6. restful rest
7. professor layton and the curious village
8. watching bobby flay get beat on Throwdown
9. crab dinner with nancy’s parents
10. my pocketknife
11. walking around the mall with my girlfriend
12. Toy Story in 3D!!!
13. cruising around santana row
14. rain
15. seeing my MNG on a tuesday 😀
16. hanging out with kerey and stephanie
17. a safe trip back to merced
18. reminiscing about HS
19. professor layton and the diabolical box
20. phil jang coming to keep me company at the store
21. tom from shasky farms giving me FREE fruits
22. forté-colored roses compliments of jared’s wooden roses
23. watching elvis sing a soulja boy song during our video mix show
24. warm hooded-sweatshirts for a cold windy day
25. catching up on emails and getting some work done without being too distracted
26. al borlin’s autograph on our wall
27. kaba modern also stopped by here to hang out
28. a pretty busy wednesday in the store
29. training our new workers
30. my girlfriend’s shenanigans


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