Thursday, 15 October 2009

Controversy of the Week

Controversy of the Week

truth be told, i did go look at rings with my girlfriend earlier this week. then this picture surfaced on her facebook and the barrage of questions came. and while most people were excited or even confused, i believe this story is much like the “boy in the balloon.” if you haven’t been watching the news, it means that it’s a hoax. so while my girlfriend is enjoying leading her friends on as to whether or not we’re actually engaged, the answer is not yet, but soon.

so congratulations to you if you are one of the lucky and confused people who actually read my blog and got duped.

1. city of merced health and wellness fair
2. pumpkin frozen yogurt
3. lowered my body fat almost 25% from the last time i checked
4. not going blind from accidentally spraying hand sanitizer into my eye
5. southwest traders frozen yogurt open house
6. getting to try all sorts of new stuff that’s not even out on the market yet
7. finding an organic yogurt manufacturer
8. open mic night
9. michael jackson’s “Thriller” album
10. that my girlfriend wasn’t seriously injured after a car accident


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