Wednesday, 4 April 2012

After having worked with so many people struggling with depression, I figured that I would start up this blog again to 1) keep track of what I’ve done, 2) to look back at this one day and have a good laugh, and 3) to help encourage others to always have an attitude of gratitude. So, here we go again! ROUND 3.

1. Jesus’ completed work on the cross.
2. Not having to wake up to an alarm anymore or having to stay up all night because I have to work. I set my own schedule!
3.  I get to help others discover and achieve their dreams!
4. Booked my flight to Columbus, OH.
5. 21 Jump Street
6. Picked up a new cymbal for my upcoming show since I broke the other one which split in half from beating the snot out of it.
7. Hanging out with my bandmate, Kevin, during the day.
8. Finally found a tailor to do my alterations after 4 years of searching!
9. Prescription sunglasses
10. Prepping for the 8PAST 10yr Reunion show.

11. Hanging out with Andy and friends this past Saturday.
12. My bass player, Jenn, is going to be having a baby girl!
13. Payday!
14. Rosalie for always keeping an eye out and promoting me.
15. 4 years without depression or anxiety and counting!
15. (16 for those who are counting) Having my own room again with a BED and not having to sleep on the floor or couch!
17. The Cheesesteak Shop on Divisadero
18. Free dry cleaning!!!
19. Dim sum this past Sunday with Charlie, Paulette, and Jennie
20. Playing with Greykind again for the first time in 4 years.


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