Sunday, 8 April 2012

1. Getting to relax.
2. Watching a softball game.
3. Pliny the Elder.
4. Lunch at Park Chow with Jenny Phu.
5. Hanging out with old coworkers from the hospital.
6. Cliff’s cooking.
7. Watching the Sharks win.
8. 40 mpg in my non-hybrid car! Whatsup.
9. Seeing Derek.
10. Clean laundry.

11. Waking up early.
12. Having breakfast with New Life people.
13. Making new friends.
14. 1st 8PAST rehearsal in 5 years.
15. My gear still works (for the most part).
16. Hanging out with Phil and Kinson after practice.
17. Robin Hood: Men In Tights.
18. Trying new tequilas compliments of my new friends.
19. The lady bartender at the Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem bar who gave me a free drink and a wink.
20. Jesus giving His life for ours. 


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