Tuesday, 10 April 2012

1. My stepmom made me porridge cause my stomach isn’t feeling well.
2. Naps.
3. Talking to my stepbrother about guns.
4. Sleeping in a bed.
5. Catching up on episodes of Young Justice. 
6. Received my invitation in the mail to my Goddaughter’s fifth birthday party. 
7. A customer sent me a really nice email to thank me for helping them out earlier today.
8. TNL
9. My 16″ Meinl medium crash sounds amazing!
10. Ryan took at look at my guitar setup and gave me some great advice.

11. Seeing God work our all of the little details in my life.
12. Talking to Junshien for the first time since his return from down under.
13. Aesop, my polar bear.
14. All of my shirts have been cleaned and pressed.
15. 90’s music.
16. Not getting sick from being in the rain all night.
17. The super soft TP that my parents got this time.
18. Me-time.
19. Estimating the air speed of an unladen swallow.
20. Non-bleeding highlighter.


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